Tesla S75 – Seeing Machines CANDrive

Carbon5 client Seeing Machines has just launched phase one of its CANDrive programme focussing on the behaviour of drivers behind the wheel of automated vehicles, and how they react when needing to re-take control. A Tesla S75 was fitted with Seeing Machines’ driver monitoring technology and ‘wrapped’ in a design for the CANDrive programme and Seeing Machines by Carbon5.

Seeing Machines is one of the only companies looking at human performance, using face-tracking technology to test drivers’ reactions. An image sensor with a camera measures the driver by looking at their face, head and eyelid behaviour, and is able to work out exactly where a driver is looking inside and outside the vehicle.

The phase one trial is focused on improving safety of driverless vehicles. About 30 Canberrans will get the chance to test the Tesla, manually setting the vehicle’s speed, with the system reminding them to pay attention if it detects that they are not touching the wheel or watching the road. Each volunteer driver will get behind the wheel for about two hours at a driver training track, with phase one expected to take about four months.

You can read about the Seeing Machines CAN Drive programme here.

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Table Tennis Anyone?

Carbon5 has just designed and rolled out a crowd pleasing display for Kingspan Insulated Panels at the Specix White Events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Kingspan were looking for a way to get architects and designers engaged with their innovative insulated paneling and guttering systems. These products are spectacular when shown on the many great buildings around the world that Kingspan has supplied to, but not so easy to give justice to in a 3X3m space at a networking event. Our idea was to make them interactive, functional, fun and get people talking about them. Why not build a table tennis table out of insulated panels and guttering?

We designed and built a fully functioning table tennis table with an insulated gutter across the centre that catches any balls that go into the net and feeds them, via a standard guttering system, back to the player at the end of the table. Needless to say it was a great hit and attracted a lot of attention at the event.

The Specix White Events are networking events that approach networking in a personable and non-hard sell environment. By encouraging participants to handle products, through activities and games, real brand interaction is created and products remembered. The architects, builders and designers who attended the events in Melbourne and Sydney agreed that it was a memorable industry event and an opportunity for them to engage with and discover products in an original way.

Check out some fancy photos of the set up here …

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PGH Showcases Dry Pressed at Sydney InDesign

For Sydney Indesign 2015 PGH Bricks & Pavers wanted a display that would showcase their Dry Pressed brick collection and offer some insights into the unique process that goes into creating these unique natural bricks. At the same time they wanted visitors to the display to get involved and get creative with the possibilities of brick.

Carbon5 designed and built a distinctive display that showed the full collection of 11 Dry Pressed bricks placed around a double sided cube wall. At one end of the display a giant angled brick lightbox featured a photo of an award winning Dry Pressed feature wall. The other end of the display contained the ‘brick pit’ – an area where visitors could gather and create from a selection of 10,000 Lego pieces. People were encouraged to have fun and feel free to design with the Lego. Their creations were put on display and shared on Instagram and other social media.

For the video cube wall Carbon5 created an animation that told the story of the Dry Pressed manufacturing process. From the raw materials being extracted and sorted, through to the pressing and firing in order to achieve the unique finish of Dry Pressed bricks, before their final delivery to site. This animated sequence ran on a continual loop and provided an interesting insight to the brick making process, as well as adding overall movement to the display.

The PGH Bricks & Paver display area also featured 4 actual feature walls of Dry Pressed bricks design by Carbon5. And to top the display off, a series of internally lit oversized cubes in the colours of Dry Pressed floated weightlessly above, giving the display a presence in the large space of the exhibition hall at Sydney Technology Park.

Indesign is a unique event that offers an opportunity for exhibitors like PGH Bricks & Pavers to showcase their personality, culture and energy to the industry – giving the audience of architects, interiors designers and creatives an opportunity to discover new design, new materials, build their industry knowledge and develop relationships.

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Monier unveil a new display for Home Shows

Monier unveil a new display for Home Shows

Monier Display HIA Home Show Melbourne Monier are at this year’s HIA Home Show in Melbourne with a new display stand designed by Carbon5. The clean lines of the stand showcase Monier’s main products of concrete and terracotta roof tiles in their full range of colours, as well as their extensive network of Roofing Specialists and […]

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Look out for passing trucks

When you’re out and about look out for the latest truck signage for PGH Bricks & Pavers designed by Carbon5. Featuring PGH Apollo and Pewter bricks and giant zipper they’re bound to catch the eye.

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Looking for inspiration? Try ColourTouch

PGH Bricks & Pavers and Monier have just launched ColourTouch, an online visualisation tool designed, developed and built by Carbon5 that allows customers to:

  • Visualise the exterior of different homes, mixing and matching  bricks, pavers, roof tiles and trim to find  their preferred colour schemes.
  • Select designer colour schemes or completely customise their own design.
  • Share their creations via Facebook, Pinterest or email.
  • Send their creations to a personalised My Scrapbook account.
  • Save and print their creations.

Designed for use on both desktop computers and  tablet devices, ColourTouch enables PGH Bricks & Pavers and Monier customers, both consumer and professional, to see what their products and colour selections will look like on their new homes prior to purchase. This invaluable tool lets them select from a menu of all the external elements that can be manipulated on a house – roof, gutter, fascia, walls, feature walls, pavers, garage door, front door, window trims and render. Once they have settled on a scheme they can save or share it to My Scrapbook, Facebook or Pinterest, or email it.

View ColourTouch and have a play here …

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PGH – Galleria@Sydney Indesign

Sydney Indesign is a unique trade event launched this year offering an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their personality, culture and energy to the industry – giving the audience of architects, interiors designers and creatives an opportunity to discover new design, build their industry knowledge and develop relationships. Galleria forms the curated exhibition space of over 3000 square meters at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh. Galleria is there to exhibit innovative design.

PGH Bricks & Pavers produce some of the most innovative and beautiful bricks on the market. Their fully glazed and metallic bricks are simply stunning and needed a unique, high end display to show them off  to the architects and designers who attend Galleria. Carbon5 worked on a modular concept of infinitely configurable cubes that fit together to suit whatever space they are in. In this way the display system can be used for all kinds of trade and exhibition events. Each cube showcases a full brick and a split brick ‘floating’ in the centre of the cube and surrounded by evocative prints that set the brick colours, highlights and textures off. A few larger cubes display large, rear lit photographs of the bricks used in applications. A series of internally lit oversized cubes float weightlessly above the whole display – to give it a presence in the large space of the exhibition hall.

Sydney Indesign runs Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 August 2013.


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Monier launch a new range of colours in Brisbane

Monier recently held a launch for their new range of colours at The Light Space in Brisbane. The event was attended by approximately 130 people from the architecture and building industries. Carbon5 designed the theme for the event, making it an integral part of Monier’s current brand evolution, from concrete roof tile company to full service roofing company across concrete and terracotta roof tiles and the exciting new SOLARtile product. These products were all on display at the launch, along with the fantastic range of new colours and the new Monier product ID designs developed by Carbon5.

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Out with the old …

Work has commenced on giving our work place a badly needed face lift. We’re ripping out all the old furniture and fittings to create a fresh new space that will be easier and more inspirational to do what we do. Here is a few shots of the current mess. And if you come back in a couple of weeks we should be looking thoroughly refreshed.

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QRBot Hits the Streets

A Carbon5 public art submission was selected by Woollahra Municipal Council as part of their 2012 Traffic Signal Box Project. We submitted a work for the site on the corner of Jersey Road and Oxford Streets, Paddington – right in front of the Light Brigade Hotel. When standing on such a corner, one may ask oneself – where am I? Now, a catching retro arcade game robot, standing to attention in front of The Light Brigade, with a black, grid-like pattern built into it, offers a clue…


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