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Tesla S75 – Seeing Machines CANDrive

Carbon5 client Seeing Machines has just launched phase one of its CANDrive programme focussing on the behaviour of drivers behind the wheel of automated vehicles, and how they react when needing to re-take control. A Tesla S75 was fitted with Seeing Machines’ driver monitoring technology and ‘wrapped’ in a design for the CANDrive programme and Seeing Machines by Carbon5.

Seeing Machines is one of the only companies looking at human performance, using face-tracking technology to test drivers’ reactions. An image sensor with a camera measures the driver by looking at their face, head and eyelid behaviour, and is able to work out exactly where a driver is looking inside and outside the vehicle.

The phase one trial is focused on improving safety of driverless vehicles. About 30 Canberrans will get the chance to test the Tesla, manually setting the vehicle’s speed, with the system reminding them to pay attention if it detects that they are not touching the wheel or watching the road. Each volunteer driver will get behind the wheel for about two hours at a driver training track, with phase one expected to take about four months.

You can read about the Seeing Machines CAN Drive programme here.